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There are a few different ways to perform a frenectomy, but they are all fairly low impact and heal in a relatively short amount of time. The most basic frenectomy procedure is done with a scalpel or scissors. It is quite simply when a doctor uses an incision to release the frenum and excise it. The immediate area will be numbed usually with a topical anesthetic, and sometimes in young children laughing gas will be used to relax the patient. Depending on how much of frenum is severed or removed, there may be sutures to reposition the tissue. Usually, dissolvable sutures will be sufficient.
A true frenectomy describes the removal the frenum, but in the case of a very young infant, it may be possible to just clip it.

There is another newer, more frequently used technique involving laser surgery. The procedure performs basically the same tactic but uses a small laser to zap the frenum with pulses, gently severing the tissue. Doctors like this version of the frenectomy, since it tends to reduce bleeding, cause less tissue damage, and improve healing and post-procedure pain.

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